Friday, November 30, 2012

Analyze Twitter data in Visual Command Center and Visual Fusion

In our recent releases of Visual Fusion 5.7 and Visual Command Center 2.0, we announced the availability of a new Twitter tool that allows end users to search and visualize tweets (from Twitter Streaming API) in context of location, time and various enterprise data they have brought into their Visual Fusion or Visual Command Center applications. Analyzing Twitter data can be very insightful for companies to understand the latest trends out on the street and more importantly, what impact those trends can have on their business. In our previous blog post, we saw a preview of some of the capabilities this new Twitter tool can provide. In this blog post, let’s look at different types of queries you can use with our Twitter tool to search the twitterverse.

For a single-word keyword, simply type it in and hit the go button. To do a multi-word keyword or a phrase search, use single or double quotes around the phrase: For example, I can use double quotes around the words new jersey if I want to search for tweets that mention “new jersey”

By default, spaces between keywords are interpreted as an AND operation but you can also explicitly use the word AND or the + symbol to specify an AND operation

Other operators that you can specify are OR (| symbol) and NOT (- symbol). Let’s tweak our above search to find all tweets that mention “new jersey” but NOT train:

For doing more complex queries, you can also group keywords with parentheses (). For example, if I want to search for all tweets that mention the keyword “new jersey” but not “train” OR tweets that mention “train” but not “new jersey”, I can search for: ("new jersey" -train) OR (train -"New Jersey")

Lastly, we also leverage stemming functionality of Microsoft SQL Server to search for all linguistic forms of the specified keyword(s). This capability is handled behind-the-scenes for all search queries and can be very useful in finding tweets that have similar sounding forms of the specified keyword. For example, a keyword search for “bomb” will also yield tweets that have the word “bombed”, “bombing”, etc.

To get a more in-depth demonstration of our Twitter integration, Visual Fusion or Visual Command Center, please feel free to contact us.

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