Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Visual Command Center helps VMware protect people, assets and operations worldwide

With global risk events on the rise, VMware needed a way to manage risk in order to minimize or eliminate the impact of adverse events on their operations.

A new case study on our website details how the world leader in virtualization software and cloud computing implemented Visual Command Center to support its Global Security & Safety team as it protects the company’s people, assets and operations worldwide.

Using Visual Command Center’s consolidated view to alert, assess, and act to minimize risk and its powerful social media visualization capabilities, the security team was able to:
  • track the Boston Marathon bombing lockdown in relation to the company’s employees and facilities ahead of media reports
  • protect traveling employees during a shooting incident at Los Angeles International Airport
  • assess the impact of an earthquake near Chengdu in China on operations
Visual Command Center constantly monitors and analyzes threats relative to VMware’s operations so that the security team can focus on exactly what matters. The platform eliminates the noise that can come with large amounts of data, so the security team can make better decisions faster.

Visual Command Center enables companies to be more informed about global and local risks and more proactive in addressing threats, turning raw data into security intelligence and empowering security teams to provide more value as they keep employees, travelers and facilities safe.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Companies gain real-time intelligence through social media to support security and business continuity

More than 7,800 tweets are posted every second and now security and business continuity teams can use them to gain real-time intelligence on developing threats that is more specific and local than anything available through traditional media.

When social media is coupled with a powerful enterprise risk visualization (ERV) platform, like Visual Command Center’s Twitter Visualization and Alerting Module, you can not only receive alerts when targeted terms are posted near your assets – you can also get valuable on-scene insight into an emergency. When time is of the essence, these capabilities provide critical support as teams work to protect employees, travelers and assets.

As an example, during this week’s Occupy London protest at Parliament Square, the Twitter Visualization and Alerting Module’s ad hoc search capabilities provide up-to-the-minute information and photos on the situation, providing a clear picture faster than you would receive from traditional media.

It also helps you cut through the noise by visualizing tweets based on location, giving you the option to just see the posts near your people and assets.

A company with employees, travelers or facilities located near the scene of the protest would be able to quickly and easily use this information to assess the situation. Users can also take action from Visual Command Center to minimize risk by advising employees to avoid impacted areas or take other precautions to keep themselves safe.

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