Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dell, IDV Solutions team up to help organizations mitigate risk

Dell Software today announced the integration of its cloud-based AlertFind Enterprise Notification service with Visual Command Center, IDV’s market-leading enterprise risk visualization (ERV) software.

This means that organizations using Visual Command Center to monitor global risk events – including severe weather, political unrest, or natural disasters – that could threaten people and facilities around the world now can instantly communicate and get critical information to affected employees via the AlertFind emergency mass notification service.

Click here to read the press release from Dell. 

Visual Command Center empowers organizations to protect their people and assets, ensure continuity of operations and optimize performance. When a risk is detected near an asset or employee location, Visual Command Center automatically generates an alert and provides tools to assess whether the risk is a threat and take immediate action to minimize the impact of the threat. Dell AlertFind and IDV’s Visual Command Center product integration is available now.

More information can be found by clicking here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing Peroptics AlertView: Risk and workflow visualization for operations centers

One of the highlights of our experience since introducing Visual Command Center, our enterprise risk visualization software solution, in 2011 has been having the opportunity—through our customers—to observe multiple command centers, large and small.
Not surprisingly most are dominated by an array of large screens. While individual operators typically have their own screens and assignments, most centers feature a central screen area in everyone’s line of sight, displaying the Weather Channel, CNN, or other news outlets.
The ubiquity of the big screen left us asking, how can we help security professionals put that real estate to its best use?

Our answer is Peroptics AlertView™, a companion module to Visual Command Center designed to give operations centers immediate, ongoing awareness of current threats to their organization.

 Peroptics provides a rotating, continually updated display of current alerts from Visual Command Center, identifying risk events like natural disasters, violent conflict, terrorist acts or threats, earthquakes, or hurricanes near your assets.

What’s in a name?
Peroptics…per optics…from the Greek “through the eye” makes the current situation and command center workload visual.  While Visual Command Center aggregates diverse information sources then detects events that can affect your organization, Peroptics AlertView puts this urgent information front and center.

In a constantly changing risk landscape, it keeps imminent threats and new developments in view—so that no one loses sight of the big picture as they work on individual assignments.
Peroptics AlertView is specifically optimized for viewing on large-format monitors in operations centers.  We’ve chosen the fonts, layout, and summary information to communicate from a distance, at a glance.

Context, context
For each risk alert, Peroptics AlertView provides context by “flying” to the location on an animated globe, where it visualizes your nearby assets, including buildings, employees, travelers, routes, and events like meetings or conventions, so you know what’s at stake.

Monitor SOC workflow
Peroptics AlertView helps you monitor the current volume of pending alerts in your SOC. Alerts awaiting acknowledgment and handling are visualized along with the number of assets affected, enabling SOC managers to estimate the potential impact of each pending event and prioritize.