Friday, January 16, 2015

IDV's new headquarters

Our team in Lansing moved into our new headquarters last week. Check out some photos of the new space:

The office features a giant print from our Director of
Visualization John Nelson. See the whole thing here.

Click here to see our Facebook photo album from moving day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stop worrying, start preparing for risks to your business

Waiting and worrying is not a productive use of time, and yet many of us are guilty of wasting time fruitlessly worrying about risks we may one day face.

If you’re responsible for the safety of your company’s employees, maintaining business continuity or protecting the supply chain, you could be spending a lot of time worrying about what could go wrong – from power outages disrupting services, major weather events, terrorist activity, disease outbreaks and much more.

What if you miss something? How would you determine the scope of the crisis and share that information with others on your team? How would you communicate with the people you need to keep safe? It’s enough to keep you up at night.

“Let your advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

Your time and resources are better spent preparing for risks than worrying about them, and one way to prepare is to implement the latest in enterprise risk visualization (ERV) technology.  

A powerful ERV platform supports your team by monitoring risk events for you and then alerting you when a risk event could threaten your employees, facilities, supply chain and other assets. An enterprise risk visualization platform should include:

Powerful ERV platforms provide alerts about risks that could
impact your organization's assets.
  • Alerting on risks that could impact your business. Relying on people to monitor for risks leaves you open to missing things or detecting them much too late.
  • At-a-glance assessment by uniting data from internal and external sources into a shared, real-time platform. Determine which people, facilities and other assets could be impacted, without cross-referencing between multiple screens, programs or other information sources.
  • With ERV,  you can quickly select an alert and notify
    impacted assets. 
  • Streamlined action to minimize the impact of the threat. Use mass notification systems to alert impacted employees and reduce the number of calls fielded by your team by pushing out prepared messages that include contingency plans and emergency procedures.

These and other ERV functions, which you can find in Visual Command Center, will free up your team to carry out other critical duties – and help you sleep a little easier.

Visual Command Center includes 100 premium risk data feeds from top providers, which are displayed in relation to your company’s assets. When the software detects a risk near your assets, it generates automatic alerts and provides tools to support quick assessment and action to minimize its impact. The platform is extensible and customizable to meet your specific needs, so you can connect it with propriety or internal systems, mass notification systems, and much more.

If you're interested in getting a private tour of Visual Command Center, click here or call (517) 853 3755.