Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Register now for a free supply chain risk management webinar with Chris Kushmaul

Don’t just wait for a problem to happen, Visual Command Center for Supply Chain alerts you to potential threats to your supply chain and enables you to quickly take action.

You can see how enterprise risk visualization (ERV) supports your supply chain risk management mission during a free webinar Thursday, Dec. 4 from 1-2 p.m. ET. Chris Kushmaul, our Director of Supply Chain Solutions, will give you an overview of Visual Command Center for Supply Chain’s capabilities and answer your questions on ERV.

Visual Command Center for Supply Chain provides powerful risk visualization, alerts you to potential threats to your supply chain, enables you to quickly assess their impact, and empowers you to act to mitigate the risk or threat of interruption. You only see the alerts that could impact the locations, routes, and supply chain infrastructure you care about, and you see it all in one integrated view – instead of switching from screen to screen as you deal with an emergency.

Chris has spent 14 years in global supply chain management for Diebold Inc., General Electric, Delphi Automotive, and a 3rd party logistics service provider, and recently earned a Risk Management Education Certificate from APICS. He is leading IDV’s supply chain risk management practice including guiding the development, sales and implementation of Visual Command Center for Supply Chain. 

Join him to see how you can take command of risk in your supply chain 1-2 p.m. ET on Thursday, Dec. 4. Click here to register now!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Your company’s silo mentality could slow you down in a crisis

If something goes wrong today – where will you find the information you need to take action?

Most organizations battle with a silo mentality, where crucial data is kept in various “silos” and others in the organization have to hunt to access it. A common operating picture between all of your departments could save you precious time when your organization faces a crisis.

Others have written that the silo mentality is caused by a reluctance to share information with other departments, but in our experience, organizations want to have information shared appropriately among employees to support the company’s duty of care and business continuity missions– but they don’t know how to get there.
At your fingertips with ERV: Facility locations, supply route
maps, employee locations and traveler itineraries. 

Well-intentioned data “owners”, like human resources, travel management, security, facilities, operations and other departments, struggle to find an efficient and effective way to consistently share data with others who may need it.

This may be a minor annoyance on a typical day, but can become a major problem in a crisis. When a disaster strikes, these silos will slow you down as you assess the situation and take action to keep people safe and notify executives, customers and other important stakeholders.

A powerful Enterprise Risk Visualization platform can unify disparate data sources and systems across your entire enterprise, giving you a common operating picture that’s sharable in real-time, connecting your various departments and destroying the silos. We also see internal data owners become more willing to share information when it is can be easily seen companywide in a centralized visualization platform.

An example of an alert near company
employees and buildings.
An organization that has integrated a powerful ERV platform like Visual Command Center, gets a head-start when trouble hits. After receiving an alert than an employee, facility or other asset is in harm’s way, operators can quickly assess the situation, and take quick action to minimize the impact.

You can click here to read a case study about how Microsoft’s Global Security Operations Centers went from an unwieldy 60 unconnected systems and data sources to a single, interactive map view that gives instant access to the information to evaluate risks and take action.

Risk never sleeps and is a strategic problem for all organizations It’s important that you have a strategic solution to this strategic problem.

If you’re interested in learning more about Visual Command Center, click here or call (517) 853 3755.